I Help People in Mid-Life  Loose Belly Fat, Improve Gut-Brain Health and Dramatically Lower Their Risk for Diabetes, CVD, and Dementia.


You are at high risk if you are a woman with a waist size larger that 35" or a waist to hip ratio of more than .85; or a man with a waist size more than 40" or a waist to hip ratio of more than .90.  Measure with a measuring tape - not pant size.
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I work one-to-one with people who are ready to take control of their health and reverse chronic  disease progression.
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It's your health.  You know yourself better than anyone and have the most to benefit from regaining your health.  You likely just need personalized help to progress down your path to holistic (whole body and mind) health.  Health is wealth, get yours back.

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