About Me & Why Over 40 Health


I have always been curious. I love learning, having fun, and getting work done. I didn't think about health when I was healthy.


At 35, I was running a successful consulting business leading food companies in changes to stay competitive. I was using my education, experience and passion to help people and companies thrive.  I loved it!  However, the long, odd hours, travel, stress, and poor diet were was affecting my health.


When I was about 40 years old l developed several chronic health issues – prediabetes, elevated blood pressure, kidney dysfunction, neuropathy, degenerative back and joint pain, and worsening gut dysfunction, and a few other chronic issues.  Yes, it was as bad as it sounds!  

I was told that these conditions were common with aging, but there were medications and procedures that would allow me to maintain a decent quality of life for many years. I would be under the care of a few doctors and would need to be seen regularly to manage my conditions as they progressed.

I couldn’t believe my future looked so bleak.  I had been planning on moving to an island in the Caribbean.  Would that even be possible with my rapidly declining health?

I worried that this was the beginning of the long slide I had watched many other family members endure. It terrified me!

For several years my health conditions worsened as predicted and my medications and their side effects increased.

I knew there had to be a better way.  With a lot of trial and error while learning all I could about holistic health and wellness, I began healing myself with nutrition and lifestyle changes. 


With better nutrition, gut, brain hormone health and many, gradual lifestyle changes I could feel my health improving.  My body  measures and blood work confirmed it! I eventually  got off all medications with normalized bloodwork, NO chronic health conditions and at low risk for them.


I continue to have improving health markers, increased energy and look forward to my future, even after finding I have some concerning genetic issues that I have now minimized. Knowing what I know now would have made my health path much easier. 


I continue learning, spending at least 20 hours per week studying the latest health science while working one-to-one online with secure telehealth and in person.

To understand how to help others regain health, I completed a clinical Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition and Health and passed the Board Certification for Nutrition Professionals (BCHN). I studied and practiced nutrition, gut-brain health, stress management, sleep improvement, movement and exercise, health coaching, and more in this 5-year program.

Working one-to-one with clients and seeing them restore their health and prevent diabetes and associated chronic diseases is my passion.  Having excess abdominal/belly fat dramatically increases your risks for DIABETES, cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney failure, neuropathy, retinopathy,  many cancers, and most dementias. Let me help you avoid these terrible chronic diseases and help you restore your health. and regain your healthy future.

Find Out If I Can Help You

With one-on-one coaching it's critical that there is a good fit between us.  To find out if we could work well together for you to accomplish your health goals, please contact me.  If we're not  a good fit, no problem, I'll help you find resources that may work better for you.  Above all I want you to regain health, however that works for you!

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